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Crystal Singing Bowl
TEL: 086-0416-3887-311/411
FAX: 086-0416-3887-310
E-mail: info@quartzcrystalsingingbowl.com
Since our establishment in 2003, Jinzhou Topfund Industry has gradually expanded to become a professional manufacturer of quartz products, such as quartz crystal singing bowl, tuning fork, didgeridoos,fused
quartz tubing and fused quartz labware, and so on .
Currently, North American, European, Australian and Japanese markets are our main areas of business. Moreover, our technical know-how, trading and manufacturing experiences ensure all our products are completed smoothly.....
  • Full Handle Cle
  • Clear Cyatal Si
  • Tuning bell
  • Solid Platinum
  • Solid Colour Cl
  • Frosted Solid P
  • Citrine Quartz
  • Frosted Solid G
  • Solid Gold Quar
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